Sandra Scaroni debuts gold and silver bridal gowns at IWED

Every bride loves to sashay down the aisle dressed in the most exquisite finery and jewels. Designer Sandra Scaroni’s latest innovation in bridal finery unveiled at the IWED exhibition in Qatar will surely make many brides jump with joy. The dresses by Italian designer Scaroni promise to turn every bride into a princess. The bride is sure to bedazzle one, and all as the dresses are made not from fine silk but precious metals like gold and silver! Scaroni has termed her creations “gowns that can be used as jewels.” Although you might say that this is not the first time that gold and jewels are incorporated in , bridal gowns, what is special about this technology is that it cuts, sews, and uses gold and silver as any other fabric. She combines western style with eastern culture and creates the silver and gold collection for the VIP ladies of Qatar. The exquisite dresses are crafted in cooperation with Patrizia Russo.
Thanks to Sandra Scaroni, every bride will look like a precious jewel on her special day.

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