Saying farewell to the world in a Prada body bag

The Kloons are funny. Very funny. Also quite smart. This video about the Perfect Prada bag is hilarious. If the retail revolution can be trusted, this Body Bag could indeed become a reality. Now imagine this – the same way you can book your perfect funeral, have all the extra bits furnished, you can also have the perfect exit to the nether worlds. You can assign the coroner to place you in the grave in a stunning, black body bag – very Prada. The video is a riot which shows the obsession people have for their branded stuff, and most so with bags.

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This idea would definitely be on the list for many celebrities we have seen in here, crazy about their handbags. I am not taking names, because I want to have nothing to do with bad omen when it plans to come visit. The video is an apt take on the obsession for branded products. Like it shows, once you are done, you will just be one of the many irrelevant products thrown into a handbag. So all the hissing and slurping over a brand is not going to take you any closer to heaven from your grave than you would be without one Prada bag short.

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Prada might feel a few feathers ruffled, but this is some amazing free publicity, even in the sake of cynicism. Was it just me, or did the ad remind you of the Arab traditional of burying you with your beloved belongings once you are ready for the grave? Can you imagine the arrangements Imelda Marcos would need to do? A thousand handbags could take up a war memorial ground. The silly lives, of these silly aficionados.

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