Scarf weaved by a German woman to represent train delays in the country sells for $11k on eBay

How would you pass time while awaiting the arrival of an already delayed train? While some might hum and some might chant to keep occupied in a situation like this, a lady in Germany decided on doing so by weaving a woolen scarf instead! Unlike the usual though, the woman in question wove hers be coding it in separate colors to represent the precise train delays that she had faced.

A work of Clerk Claudia Weber, the ‘train delay’ scarf had first caught the public’s attention after a picture of it was posted on Twitter by her daughter and journalist Sara Weber. The scarf, approximately 1.5 meters (4.9ft) long, is meant to represented many Germans’ frustrations with train delays, despite their country’s reputation abroad for efficiency and punctuality. While two rows of gray wool mean a delay of fewer than five minutes, pink is for delays between five and 30 minutes, and red signifies 30 minutes or more, or that the train was delayed more than five minutes in both directions. The end result: a quirk looking piece of wool that apparently took eBay storm by selling for a whopping $11k!

Commenting on the unexpected sale, Weber on her eBay page stated, “We truly did not expect this,” She further added, “My mother and I are overwhelmed by the positive feedback.” Proceeds of the sale will go to the charity – Bahnhofsmission, which assists people in need at railway stations across Germany. If nothing, we now have ques on how to while away time for a cause!


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