See green in these $200,000 Emerald Sunglasses

When you wear this one-of-a-kind accessory, you will see green. By that, we don’t mean dollar bills. In reality it’s a pair of sunglasses whose lenses are made from emeralds. You heard it right. They are made from hollowed-out emeralds and set in 18K gold and diamond frame. Adelaide has designed these exceptional glasses, Australia based Shiels Jewelers. Managing director Albert Bensimon gushed that it took them almost five years to find the right kind of emeralds and another three months to give it the right shape.

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Bensimon revealed Roman emperor Nero inspired him. Nero was said to have watched the gladiator fights through similar green gems. Bensimon also confided that he has been getting a lot of interest from celebrities. This lavish eyewear will retail for $200,000 and will be displayed at Shiels Carillion store window. Of course, they will be protected by 24 hours of heavy security.

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