Selfridges Offer Derek Rose Dressing Gown For $22,290

The economic crunch still doesn’t seem to affect any of the billionaires, who are still splurging on their favorite luxury products. And to profit from these clients are retailers like Selfridges who seem to be creating products only to meet the demands of this particular class. The latest product on offer by them is the Derek Rose dressing gown, which is the most expensive piece of bedwear known to man. This luxurious dressing gown for men is made from the finest and most exquisite materials. The regal gown is made from Vicuna wool which comes from the animal Vicunas. Still, have no clue about this creature? Let me fill you in. Vicunas are cousins of the Llama who produce small amounts of extremely fine wool, which is so expensive because the animal can only be shorn every two years. These endangered animals live in captivity in the Peruvian highlands. Back to the gown. Well, it definitely seems to be the perfect gift for your man this Christmas according to retailers. And no matter what the condition of the economy the retailers are positive to get good feedback on their latest luxurious product.

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Priced at a whopping £15000($22,290), this gown is definitely not for all.

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