Shiseido’s interactive stained glass windows change color based on what you are wearing

Stained glass reminds you of something historical, of churches of something from a by gone era, but the cosmetic company, Shiseido has come up with interactive stained glass window. These work by using transparent LCD monitors that react to your clothing. The cosmetic company teamed up with designers at a company called Party to create this Life Color Window.

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These windows have three distinct sections, each one of which respond to the nearest person. The installation changes colours depending on the shades of your clothes though the colour black does not show up on the window. He brighter your outfit the better the results. They have also created a hand built miniature church which projects your image onto the glass as it changes colours and animates itself.
This can be seen at Shiseido’s Ginza showroom in Tokyo until the 25th of December. If Tokyo is a bit of a challenge to visit then you can go online and experience this art as it uses nine of your facebook photos into stained glass windows.

[Via – Spoon-Tamago]

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