Sign of the changing times – Victoria’s Secret fashion show is officially over

Victoria’s Secret has spilled the dreaded news for many. The lingerie giant has announced that they are going to cancel their annual televised fashion show – usually held during the upcoming holiday season. The parent company, L Brands Inc, will no longer air the show on US network television, as confirmed by its chief executive Leslie Wexner.

The reason they have stated is that they are planning to “evolve” their marketing strategy.

The news has been doing the rounds lately, however, when Australian model Shanina Shaik – also VS’s Angel told a news agency that the show would not go on. For patrons glued to idiot box since the show first began in 1995, this news would come as a painful start to the festive season.

But those who have been alert on recent fashion news would not be too surprised, what with all the controversies that have been tailing Victoria’s Secret. Firstly, the brand has been losing sales to fresh, newcomers in the market with revenue declining steadily and pushing the brand towards the back of the rack.

More interestingly, the brand has been losing out on its followers over the years in the name of ‘feminism’, something that the brand had to see coming, what with it always promoting the idea of the tall, lean and flawless supermodels being used as the beckoning face of fashion. The brand’s former chief marketing officer Ed Razek, even went on to announce to Vogue that the brand wouldn’t cast transgender or plus-sized models.

Lastly, and the biggest piece of the pie is the “close ties” that the aforementioned Wexner Jeffrey Epstein – a paedophile who apparently used this relationship to recruit young women by promising them modelling jobs.

Well, looks like the devil’s wearing VS too.


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