Sleepy Jone’s Louise Shrunken Robe deserves a night out on the town

How often have you wished to wear your comfortable sleepwear out to dinner or to work? Well, that’s exactly what Andy Spade’s fashion line Sleepy Jones is out to do! The fashion veteran has crafted a colourful selection of nightwear that may not alert the fashion police while out of the town! In addition to his extremely snug pyjamas and underwear, his floral printed Louise Shrunken Robe has definitely caught our eyeballs!

Sleepy Jone Louise Shrunken Robe 1
For one, we’d call the luxury sleeping robe very sexy! While the fabric entails fine soft cotton from the house of Liberty of London, the robe also features French seams, slim piping detail, two oversized pockets, a loose belt wrap, while hem drapes at the middle of the thigh.

Andy Spade comments on his line saying, “essentially, we’re designing an everyday uniform for reading, writing, painting, pondering and playing — whether you’re in the bedroom or not.”

Priced at $228, the fabulous robe can be purchased online and in stores!

[Available at – Sleepyjones]

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