Slip into the comforts of a comfortable Italian Family trouser

Italian Family, as native as the name sounds, manages to bring the very aesthetics of practical clothing to the world. The unique blend of craftsmanship and attention to comfort and style makes the brand one that you would like to come home to.

Italian Family was launched by Gabrielle Santoriello and happens to be one that he considers his very own. The company produces quality trousers for men, especially sewn to fit their rightful owners. The brand is based in Cava de’ Tirreni, Campania, Italy, a region where clever designs and well-honed craftsmanship is rampant. Santoriello has been in the industry for over three decades, bringing the best to men’s clothing. With this offering that is seemingly closer to his home and heart, we can expect some memorable releases along the way. He has always specialized in the development and unique designs of men’s trousers and suits.
In the pursuit of best quality materials the brand chooses the fabric for each garment with precision and care. While the very quality of the products is never compromised, the brand endeavors to improve its offerings by developing innovative production techniques every step of the way.
The finest yarns roll out the fabric that is durable, comfortable and great to look at.
The company has, very recently, also shifted its focus towards world issues with their attractive new Flagproject that touches points across the globe.

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