Solid Gold Sony Ericsson J230i – grab it!

Everyone who owns a cell phone, whether expensive or not is addicted to their beeping buddy. And this addiction will be further justified when you have a chance to win the very bling-bling version of Sony Ericsson J230i. Yes, it’s true and its called Solid Gold Sony Ericsson J230i. If you wanna bag this one then you not only need the money but also the luck. The money to buy the Sony Ericsson J230i and the luck factor to win the draw. Shoppers who purchase the Sony Ericsson J230i will receive a raffle coupon for entry into the draw to win a J230i made of solid gold, which is specially made for this promotion. Each gold phone weights about 130 gms. What also marks this gold version is the amount of toiling that goes into making it.

It takes 72 hours to make each phone to give it that perfect glean, finish, and eye-catching looks. Unfortunately, only 10 of these gold versions are made so brush up your luck and go for it!

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