Someone actually made iPhone connected socks

What is that one thing that is missing from your life in terms of technology? While some robotic help for cooking and cleaning up your home or a GPS navigator for tracking household items could seem like the less imprudent choices, our deemed humanity couldn’t think beyond a pair of tech-enabled socks. Yeah, you heard us right. A company by the name of has recently introduced a pair of “Smart Socks” that links to your iPhone and answers all your sock queries that were sadly unrequited up until now!

These tech – socks come inbuilt with Plus+ technology and are currently being sold for $189 per set (each set includes ten pairs of socks). Each individual sock has a communication button that can connect to the wearer’s iPhone with the help of an induced transmitter. With the help of all this this technology, your socks can now communicate with you and let you know how often you have washed them, when were they produced, when you ordered them and when were they actually dispatched. Further, your iPhone can also tell you if your black socks are no longer properly black. Yeah, now that you know, “Properly black” is a term!

While we personally deem this as a rather silly use of brain time and technology, whether or not these socks deserve a buy is something we leave for you to decide. However, if you possess an unnatural love for socks or a borderline sock-OCD, this thing could serve you just about right!


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