The Soundtracks to your favorite Chanel runway shows are now on Apple Music

Nobody knows the importance of atmosphere at a fashion show better than Karl Lagerfeld. The designer always seems to go above and beyond to create immersive sets and backdrops to match the themes of his runway shows for Chanel. One of the most important elements of setting the scene? It’s music of course, and Chanel is now allowing their fans to experience the “mood” of a Chanel fashion show anywhere in the world through their curated playlists for Apple music.

Chanel Show Soundtracks will basically include the music used for their shows. The “best-of” playlists are curated by sound designer Michel Gaubert. But along with music from the shows, Chanel is also offering a sneak peek into the iPods of their celebrity friends. Look out for special playlists curated by “friends of Chanel” including Pharrell Williams, Caroline de Maigret, Sébastien Tellier and Ibeyi.


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