Spiff- Salon for men

Ever nook on the streets of Manhattan you find a parlor for women, where men try to find solace in a room with women domination. Those were the days of the past. Here comes Spiff-literally meaning smart. Their quest is to make men look eye-candies for women. Their work is to make men scream for mercy, pamper like babies and clean the rigid looks like nanny’s spit. If that’s what you want, this is a parlor for men, situated on Third Avenue in Manhattan. Their specialization, they take appointments on the basis of time a customer can spend. The best guys at work are Daisy Aranda and the partner of the salon Greg Sarway. Their tagline- You look Spiff. Of course, you can never avoid the motherly advice Daisy puts in front of you while treating you. She is a specialist in waxing and Pedi/mani. A woman would love a place like this, but too bad this is for all the tough guys.

I guess the specification shall solve all your queries and provoke you enough to take a visit at this men paradise. Did I mention the price range? I guess not, this is quite expensive, but worth it.

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