Standout in your next Zoom call with these Duvet inspired dresses

It’s time we drew inspiration from the pandemic instead of critiquing it! And in adopting this thought, Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Santa Kupča has unveiled the very eclectic Stuck-at-Home Masquerade collection.

Complete with Duvet inspired dress and Pillowy styles, the ensemble represents different aspects of having to stay indoors. In all, there are three items of clothing – Hesitant to RSVP (garment and matching hat inspired by the pattern of crossed out days on a calendar), Dolce Far Niente ( a floor-length dress), and Public Library( garment printed with images of shelves lined with books) that are designed to keep the wearer cozy during zoom calls and at home.

Each piece is made using fabric that was easily available to Kupča during the lockdown, including the stuffing of an old duvet and leftover polyester fabric. Commenting on it, the designer said: “Covid-19 and the lockdown impacted my graduation project dearly. Talking on screens and in Zoom, conversations became an everyday thing, which often made me confused – I felt like I was in an in-between place, not entirely at home, not entirely there in the conversation.”

She further added: “I was distracted by wanting to see how I looked on the screen while talking to other people and if my background and the lights around me looked good enough. I suddenly felt like I was trying to stage everything around me, which was the starting point of Stuck-at-Home Masquerade.”

Would you fancy trying out these pandemic inspired styles?

[Via: Dezeen]

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