Stay uber chic with Louis Vuitton’s new rain boots

If you pray for rain you gotta deal with the mud too; so while we are praying for rain let the feet be fashionably ready in classy rain boots that are coming our way from the luxurious house of Louis Vuitton. Dubbed “Rain” capsule collection, its fresh take on iconic styles makes the output completely irresistible. We are already fawning over Nicolas Ghesquière‘s futuristic Archlight silhouette, which seamlessly combines the vibes of femininity and movement. Let’s not confuse good looks with poor functionality; the boots are made from 100% rubber making them tough enough to brave any rain or storm. Other fashionable yet functional beauties of the Rain capsule collection are the rubberized versions of Silhouette ankle boot and Rhapsody ankle boots.

Can’t wait for it to pour again right? The Rain capsule collection will be available at Louis Vuitton locations starting January 17, 2020.

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