Stella McCartney and Adidas unveil sustainable sportswear made from liquified old cotton

We’re all aware of the fate that unsold luxury clothing wear holds – It is either dumped in waste yards or is burned by the bulk. However, in ensuring that this pitiable practice is finally put to stop, Stella McCartney has recently unveiled a sustainable sportswear ensemble for Adidas that shows us the way to being fashion-forward without being held guilty.

Made from liquified old cotton, the collection includes a biodegradable dress and the world’s first fully recyclable hoodie. The ‘infinite hoodie,’ as it is called, is made using 60 percent nucycl fiber, a material created from the threads of old garments. It also incorporates a jacquard knit comprised of recycled yarn and organic cotton diverted from landfills, which makes up the other 40 percent of the garment.

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As for the second product – the ‘biofabric tennis dress,’ the designer has used bioengineered sustainable materials and fibers such as a cellulose blended yarn and microsilk, for creating the ingenious biodegradable dress. The clothing range- though in prototype stage aims at fulfilling the need for sustainable fashion by providing alternatives to the harmful production lines in the fashion industry.

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Commenting on the sportswear, Stella McCartney in a statement said, “We can’t wait any longer to search for answers and alternatives. by creating a truly open approach to solving the problem of textile waste, we can help empower the industry at large to bring more sustainable practices into reality. With Adidas by Stella McCartney, we’re creating high-performance products that also safeguard the future of the planet.” Way to the future is this way, please!


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