Stuart Hughes teams up with Richard Jewels to create world’s most expensive suit

Stuart Hughes has decided to play fairy godmother to all handsome (and wealthy of course) men, who wish to dazzle and shine at any social do. Just like Cinderella caught the attention of everyone at the ball, Stuart hopes the R. Jewels Diamond Edition suit will do the same for any man who wears it. This time Stuart has teamed up with Richard Jewels of Manchester to offer the fashion conscious man a bedazzling suit like no other. The exquisite Cashmere wool and silk suit is adorned with diamonds that give this suit a bespoke look. In all, the suit is trimmed with 480 diamonds weighing 240 carats in totality. A great way to flaunt your love for bling, this exclusive suit is priced at £599,000 ($888,312), making it the most expensive suit in the world.

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Stuart’s creation certainly steals the crown of world’s most expensive suit from Amosu’s $103,000 suit. But only three lucky men will get to call this suit theirs as this diamond-studded suit is a limited edition of just three pieces. What is more, 10% of all sales will be going to the Haiti Relief Fund.
If this suit is just what you are looking for, click here to buy it right away. For more luxurious creations, keep your eye out for the various offerings for both men and women from R. Jewels.
Thanks Stuart

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