Stuart Weitzman decides to keep it low key for this years Academy awards

Everyone is doing their bit to keep it low and tone down the extravagance during this time of recession. Even the Academy Awards this year will be a low-key affair. So in respect of this toning down, famous shoe designer Stuart Weitzman has decided to withdraw from creating any of his ‘bling-bling’ creations for a special lady’s feet to walk down the red carpet. He decided that the current situation calls for restraint and not extravagance. The guy who is famous for creating exquisite footwear for women, especially to walk down the red carpet, still has his line of Red Carpet Collection shoes for the show, and he is hosting a styling suite all without the ‘bling’ factor.

A great decision; we hope the other stars follow suit. For once, it will be a ceremony where only the stars, instead of their gems, will shine.

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