Studded with diamonds the most expensive Asian wedding dress costs a cool £100,000

Sati Takhar, the Birmingham based Asian designer is not a stranger to the wedding industry, after having a 10 year experience of creating designer bridal wear for the elite and a few celebrities. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he has also created the world’s most expensive Asian wedding dress that costs around a whopping £100,000 (which works out to roughly $152,600). The lengha, a traditional skirt-and-blouse Indian wedding dress, is crafted in white silk that adorns delicate embroidery on the 2 piece suit. The skirt, like always, is a full length flared design while the top is strapless and fits like a corset. The outfit also comes with a veil like accessory that can also be worn around the shoulders and also has a bit of the embroidery around the edges. Now getting down to the best part about the dress; it’s not the material or the handiwork that makes it worthy of decadence but that, the entire outfit is diamond encrusted. Designer Sati worked with A-list Indian jewel makers Dhir Diamond Jewellers who supplied the best bling for the dress.

Sati said, about this particular outfit, that he got his inspiration from last year’s Victoria Secret showcase of the $2 million Dream Angels Fantasy Bras. The bridal dress weighs about 30 kilograms and comes with a full time security guard and is kept in a protective glass box. The dress was revealed at The Asiana Bridal Show in London on 8th February. This dress also gives proof to a study conducted by Asiana Magazine that states that the wedding industry in the UK among South Asians is larger than among Britons. Research found that the average expenditure on weddings is around £50,000 (approx. 76,000) by Asian couples; whereas Britons spend a meagre £21,000 (approx. $32,000) in comparison. The lowest that Asian couples would spend is still more than the average Briton, at £25,000 (approx. $38,000).

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Guess no one loves a good wedding, than Asians whose wedding celebrations can last for days. Maybe the wearer of this dress could feature in our 7 Most Expensive Weddings.

[via – Birmingham-Mail]