Studded with thousands of Swarovski crystals this tudung by a Malaysian Hijab company is the most expensive of its kind in the world

For followers of Islam, covering their heads in accordance with the hijab is imminent. And presenting them with one of the most stylish ways to do so is Malaysian Hijab company – Bawal Exclusive that recently unveiled the most expensive tudung or headscarf in the world! Priced at $23,966 or RM100,000, the veil is exotic, exclusive, and elegant to say the least!

Called, ‘The Sparkle of Dream’, the tudung features 7,513 crystals of various sizes. It isn’t available for sale and is in fact a gift from renowned Austrian fine jewelry brand Swarovski to Bawal Exclusive. The headscarf is made with the labor of 320 hours and has also been recognized by the Malaysian Book of Records (MBR) as the most expensive of its kind in the world.

Commenting on it, Bawal Exclusive founder Haliza Maysuri in a statement said, “Honestly, I don’t plan to sell this luxury tudung that’s worth RM100,000 to anyone, instead it will be displayed in our soon-to-opened boutique,” she further added, “Afterall, a gift this expensive is a sign of appreciation from Swarovski as we are one of the world’s largest wholesalers of crystals.” Well, Swarovski sure speaks volumes as it also did in this case!

[Via: Yahoo News India]