Style meets unfussy wearability with Stefano Pilati’s Random Identities brand. Listed below are our top favorites

Stefano Pilati has wowed the world, first with his work with Yves Saint Laurent and then the Italian house Ermenegildo Zegna, while also spearheading, Zegna’s brand Agnona that catered to the fairer sex. In all fairness, it is not just about Pilati’s work experience it would be justified to call him s one of the most stylish men on the planet. His inimitable design sensibilities are reflected in his brand called Random Identities that took him back to the world of fashion after stepping down from Zegna. While the clothes rate high on fashion and quality they are not astronomically priced, like Stefano Pilati’s previously designed ultra-luxury garments. In Pilati’s own words, Random Identities is a brand that is radical to the bone. It promotes unisex fashion, driven by the freaky style he faced in his new home of Berlin, it would also be stimulating. Here are our top 5 favorites for the sassy fashionistas out there:

5. Black Oversized Cut-Out Polo, $122
Made of 100% cotton, this particular piece from Random Identities personifies comfort. Looks absolutely fuss-free to be worn on any given day and this could well be the ‘jeans’ of top-wear for women. This short-sleeve cotton piqué polo comes in black so you can team up almost every accessory you own with it along with those colored boots you have wanted to wear since forever.

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4. Beige Chino Skirt, $131
Fierce yet feminine is the best way to describe this fantastic crepe jersey mid-length skirt. It’s been a while we enjoyed the multi-pocket trend and this piece brings back the five-pocket styling to hold our many things. Could well strut around without a handbag now, couldn’t we?

3. Mesh Zip-Up Jacket, $260
Mesh is iconic, it’s an understated style that adds so much oomph to a garment without a complete revelation of what lies beneath. Combine the sultriness of mesh to the practicality and ease of a jacket and you have a winner. The jacket is completed with a zip closure at the front. Welt pockets at waist and elasticized cuffs and hem.

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2.Black Worker Boots, $244
Hey, pretty woman walking down the street; what are you walking in? These lust-worthy ankle-high calfskin boots in black have got all the pizzazz to make you turn into one attractive firecracker. While it is an all-black boot, I love how the textured rubberized trim throughout creates a duplexity of design. The Black Worker Boots by Random Identities come with a 3.5″ heel.

1.Beige Versatile Flight Jumpsuit, $248
This one is for the woman who means business and isn’t afraid to show it! It’s replete with zippered pockets at chest, and sleeve and zippered vent at elasticized cuffs. It enhances the waist with a drawstring in black that also complements the all-beige jumpsuit. A woman wearing this will be one with a solid identity thanks to Random Identities.

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