Stylish smart coats that keep you warm with infrared technology

Rana Nakhal Solset has found a way to deal with frigid winters without having to bundle up into shapeless puffers and layers. The founder of British label Emel + Aris has developed a “Smart Coat,” a stylish outerwear garment that incorporates a lightweight, versatile heating technology to keep you warm no matter what the temperature is outside.

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“There’s three levels of heating — low, medium and high — so you can regulate it,” Solset told WWD, “The technology ensures you that you can’t overheat. It’s like wearing a warm blanket so you can be at ease and comfortable. The heat that it generates is infrared heat that penetrates your skin and goes into the muscle, warming you all over. It works on a rechargeable battery and the battery will also have a USB so you can charge your phone. It is not too heavy and it is in a hidden pocket. So you can carry it anywhere you go.”
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She credited her young son with the idea, explaining, “Last year my six-year-old asked me if I was going take him on holiday to the North Pole. He said ‘If we do, Mommy, can you please make sure you buy us jackets that heat? That’s when I had that light bulb moment. How is it that in today’s world, with all the technology developments we have, we are not all walking around with jackets that heat? That’s how the idea of the smart coat was born.”
Emel + Aris coats will be available for men and women in two styles each. A trench and a wrap style for women and an overcoat and raincoat for men. The collection will be entirely made in Europe from high quality Italian Loro Piana fabrics. The smart coats will also be treated with Loro Piana’s Storm System®, a double barrier that makes them water and wind repellent yet allows the breathable. Expect luxe materials like wool, cashmere and good old cotton.

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On March 11, the collection will be made available for pre-order on Kickstarter where prices for the women’s coats will range from £450, or $629 at current exchange to £2,700, or $3,829 (for the cashmere wrap). Post the Kickstarter campaign, retail prices for the coats will soar to $1,532 for a women’s trench coat to £1,395, or $1,951, for a men’s overcoat.

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