Supreme has collaborated with Rimowa for ultra stylish luggage pieces

After a successful collaboration with the house of Fendi, premium luggage company Rimowa is partnering with another fashion behemoth – this time it is Supreme. The streetwear brand’s popularity with the high-fashion community shows no signs of slowing down and this time their signature white on red logo is splashed across three suitcases from Rimowa.

Supreme®/RIMOWA 📹 @manuelschenck. @rimowa

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Supreme released a promotional video that features one of the suitcases being used as a convenient sidecar for a bike (definitely don’t try THAT at home) and was shot by Manuel Schenck. While no other details were revealed officially, looking at images of the suitcases (and knowing what we do about Rimowa) it seems like a safe guess that these suitcases will be made of aluminum. They will be available in three sizes and each one is fitted with four wheels for conveniently rolling through airports.

While Rimowa and Supreme haven’t made a mention of the launch, other fan and leak accounts for Supreme have declared the launch date to be April 12, which is only a few days away. These suitcases are beautiful, but only a brave soul would fly with them on a commercial airline. They are way too easy to steal at a baggage claim and way too beautiful to put a cover on! If you’re buying these, do what Louis Vuitton trunk owners do and just charter a private plane.


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