Supreme gave a front page ad on the New York Post and fans went crazy

Supreme fans may be paying a rather large premium for Tuesday’s New York post. Imagine shelling around $20 for a copy of the paper that usually retails at $1.50.

New York Post on newsstands now. @nypost

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Valued at $1 billion after an infusion of $500 million cash last year, the sportswear brand confirmed this interesting collaboration on Tuesday morning with a video release.

The promotional cover wrap around the New York Post is rumoured to be the beginning of the new season for the apparel brand. The wrap entails the paper’s signature letterhead, as well as a red Supreme box logo on white background.

The highly coveted New York Post-Supreme copy is already garnering the attention it deserves with a resell price of the copies at around $7 – $20 on EBay.

One can ascertain just how important New York is for the clothing brand. With a plethora of stores sprinkled across the globe, Supreme has yet maintained a strong position on retaining its headquarters in the Big Apple. Shannon Toumey, a co-head of the newspaper’s in-house creative strategy agency earlier mentioned how the brand was seeking an entirely innovative and novel strategy and hence, the New York Post was their latest strategy.

“They said that when they’re looking to do collaborations, that they really want authentic brand partners,” she told the New York Times. “They thought we were an authentic voice of New York.”

A New York centric marketing strategy for the brand is not a recent phenomenon, given the brand has previously released Supreme-branded subway cards, bricks, crow bars and liquor bags.


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