Swarovski-studded Aurora Dress dazzles with 10,000 embroidered LEDs

When high-end fashion meets the high-tech world, you know it has got our attention. The resultant of the union of the two, is the electrifying “Aurora” Dress! Featuring 10,000 embroidered LEDs, this high-tech couture piece is another offering from CuteCircuit. Making its debut at a private event hosted by Breitling, this gown also features of hundreds of Swarovski crystals in a kinetic landscape of pattern and color.

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Designed for an opera singer, this piece ,reminiscent of the natural phenomenon—the aurora borealis as well as Aurora, the Roman goddess of dawn, definitely makes for one eye-catching trend.

Now this is what we call high-tech couture.
[Via Ecouterre]