Tag Heuer releases Squadra Night Vision optics

One usually associates Tag Heuer with timepieces, but the brand is also the producer of some of the most amazing eye gear. The Tag Heuer Eyewear line is loved by many luxury lovers who love to flaunt this brand’s exquisite shades. Besides functioning as status symbols, the stylish eye gear using high-tech engineering offers optimum clarity and vision. The latest eye gear to join Tag Heuer’s eyewear line is another beauty dubbed the Squadra Night Vision optics. From the name itself, you must have guessed the main function of these latest glasses. The optics have been engineered to enhance contrast at night. The Squadra glasses will help reduce eye fatigue and allow you clear vision after the sunsets. The one-piece lens is fitted with arms of titanium, elastomer, and soft rubber and is firm enough to hold your head and flexible enough to fit under helmets. The Sqaudra glasses were worn by the Audi drivers who won Le Mans this year.

The Squadra Night Vision optics are available in two shapes and boast of a $450 price tag. For the style conscious folks, Tag Heuer has even released purple temples that are available on three of Tag’s collections- Zenith Rimless Curve, Zenith Rimless Curve Glamour and Squadra with a price ranging from $300 to $350.

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