Take a look at “Chubby Cloud” the worlds biggest bean bag

If you are in love with the unmatched comfort of a bean bag, you’d probably be interested in checking out the brand-new installation at Banqueting Hall in London. We are talking about famed artist Anya Hindmarch’s all-new artwork – the “Chubby Cloud” that also doubles as the biggest bean bag in the world.

The gigantic art form sits under the hall’s magnificent Rubens-painted ceiling and is fully inspired by the cloud motif seen in Hindmarch’s Chubby Collection. It is designed to hold up to 90 people at one time, allowing patrons to either jump around or lie back and admire Paul Rubens’ only surviving ceiling painting overhead. The fashion will host the event such as talks by artists, fashion designers, and sleep experts, as well as bedtime story sessions with Poppy Delevingne and Claudia Winkleman, and performances of lullabies by the London Gay Men’s Chorus atop the comfortable setting.

Per Hindmarch herself, the world’s biggest bean bag (Chubby Cloud) is aimed to immerse people in her brand whilst they listen to and experiencing things that form the core of the fashion label. Furthermore, this isn’t the first time that she has gone all out with her work. In 2017 we saw the artist fly a giant heart-shaped balloon above different locations in London as part of the ‘Chubby Hearts’ campaign. Can’t wait to see the next big thing on Hindmarch’s mind – quite literally!

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