Team USA Leotards featuring Swarovski crystals are nothing but allure

The women’s gymnastic team made their debut at the London Olympics on Sunday. What made them stand out, besides winning the medals, of course, was the crystal-studded shining leotards in blue and red that they were wearing. GK Elite Sportswear, who has been designing the leotards for Team USA for the past 20 years, said that this was the first time that so many crystals were ever used on any leotard. The use of crystals, a catching trend, makes the athletes look great, which makes them feel confident, and in some way, affects the opponents.

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The leotards, each costing in the range of $500 have been designed and finalized over a pain-staking 18-month process, which involved discussion between coaches, athletes, and the federation. Each of the athletes is given 8 leotards in all to wear for different days. The big news is that these leotards will also be available for sale in about 1 month’s time, according to Kelly McKeown, executive vice president of design and corporate relations at GK Elite

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