A 30-ounce bottle of Chanel No.5 worth $4200 is on stands

There’s been a lot of hype build around the Chanel No.5, even roping in the best of Hollywood – the evergreen belle Marilyn Monroe, the mesmerizing Nicole Kidman, who after her endorsement of the Chanel No.5 became the highest per minute paid actor and of course the one and only striking Brad Pitt (the first male face for Chanel No.5). In a true sense, for a fragrance as captivating as Chanel No.5, the perfume rightly deserves all the attention. But now it looks like the widely acclaimed fashion house is going overboard with its most valued Chanel No.5. The French fashion label, Chanel, has of-late launched a 30-ounce Chanel Grand Extrait bottle for $4,200, which it has strategically positioned as a collectible.

It’s a known fact that women need only a one-ounce bottle per year. Compared to that, the 30-ounce bottle would be an over-the-top purchase, even considering how long the fragrance will last once the bottle has been opened. Nonetheless, not counteracting to these accusations, Chanel remains passive, simply pointing out their fingers to the $120 bottle if one can’t afford the $4,200.

And if not Chanel No.5, they have other fragrances that could enthrall you!

[Via – Marketwatch]

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