The era of Meta Fashion continues as ​​Moncler teams up with Fortnite for in-game outfits, and accessories

When things get too cold for comfort, trust Moncler to come up with the most soothing and stylish solutions. This mantra applies not only in real high on the highest peaks or the coldest streets but also in the world of gaming! The Moncler Classic set puts into play the collaboration between Fortnite and Moncler bringing together the world of high fashion and high altitudes! Fortnite will meet high fashion inspired by the 6 Moncler 1017 Alyx 9SM collection crafted by visionary Matthew Williams.

In the game, players are ascending the mountain near Catty Corner, building a tower in several different ways. Moncler enters the picture as a new reactive base style that allows each Moncler outfit to transition from light to dark as a player’s altitude gets higher. In turn, a player’s outfit will transition back from dark to light as their altitude decreases. Emily Levy, Senior Manager of Partnerships at Epic Games, told Hypebeast, “Given Moncler’s roots in culture, dedication to collaborations through the Moncler Genius program, and the recent 6 MONCLER 1017 ALYX 9SM collection’s theme of light and dark, we felt there was a lot to work with between both brands.”

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She continued, “Our team at Epic worked very closely with Moncler and Matthew Williams to bring these in-game designs to life. The increased amount of freedom in a digital space like Fortnite provided us the opportunity to be highly creative, which resulted in new reactive styles for these Outfits that transform from light to dark as players change altitude within the game.” That’s not all, the Moncler Classic Set that arrived in Fortnite on Nov. 20 is composed of Andre and Renee outfits that boast Moncler’s signature down outerwear, knit caps and sunglasses, as well as a pickax, glider, and back bling. For gamers, there is an additional visual treat in the form of The Summit Loading Screen.

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