The force gets a touch of luxury with Etro’s new Star Wars capsule collection

Star Wars fans are waiting with batted breaths for the release of the latest in the movie franchise: Rise of Skywalker. However, until the film hits theaters, those in awe of the force can now check out the all-new Star Wars inspired collection that has recently been unveiled by fashion brand- Etro. The unisex ensemble comes complete with hoodies, crewnecks, and T-shirts, each inspired by characters from the original trilogy.

Unlike previous fashion pieces inspired by the movie franchise, Etro’s collection presents a more sensible take on Star Wars with each item catering to the regular fashion needs of all. The apparel from its debut collaboration with Walt Disney Pictures’ Lucasfilm showcases an array of retro prints and logos that are reminiscent of the movie’s core elements while still carrying Etro’s design sensibilities with it. The exclusive pieces include few featuring old school heroes such as Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, and Han Solo that are further embellished with a dash of the signature Etro paisley aesthetics.

Designers behind the special Etro X Star Wars collection hope that it will get fans all the more excited for the upcoming film. Commenting on the same, one of them in an email said, “May the GREEN force be with you”, while hinting at the brand’s belief in a sustainable fashion. The artist further added, “Green like Yoda, my favorite Star Wars character. Green like my biggest commitment: for nature and for our planet.” The collection will be unveiled at the Spring 2020 menswear show this Sunday.


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