The latest trend in haute couture – Ankle bracelets that hold your phone!

Maison Margiela’s John Galliano is shaking up the accessories game with the introduction of ankle holsters designed to hold iPhones. Rather than the usual arm bands that allow the phone to rest flat against the surface of your skin, these holsters feature a frame that causes the frame to sort of stick out awkwardly around your shin.

Margiela is not the first brand to try and make a statement with ankle accessories, Chanel released their ankle pouches back in 2007 causing riotous debates over whether they were stylish or bizarre. For the record, ankle accessories are not strange as long as they are restricted to jewelry or socks. Once we’re venturing into phone holster territory, it gets a little weird.

To be fair, the holsters did fit into the theme of Galliano’s collection which explored futurism and technology, but as far as trends go we’re going to have to pass on this one.


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