The times we are in – When a water bottle holder costs more than an iPhone

Luxury fashion aficionados often swear by Balenciaga for their regular style fix. And while the label is known to be pricey, it recently crossed all bounds by unveiling a bottle holder worth a ludicrous $735 or £600! Yes, that’s right! Designed in the form of a cross-body bag, the bottle holder comes with the quintessential Balenciaga stamp – the only reason that justifies its overbearing price tag.

A chic upgrade on the work commute tote bag by the marquee, the bottle holder is now available for purchase online as well as in select Balenciaga stores across the globe. It was originally touted as a ‘shopping phone holder’, however it soon switched purpose after models graced the autumn/winter 19/20 runway with water bottles tucked into the luxe accessory. Contrary to its marketing though, the tiny carrier can be doubled for use in either form you like.

The logo-emblazoned bag is currently available in white, black and grey hues with a red version soon expected to drop online. If you believe that precious things indeed come in tiny packages, you may opt for the Balenciaga bottle holder or tiny cross body-bag by all means! For us though, this one’ a pass by a long measure much like Chanel’s $1500 boomerang as well as Quilted Northern Luxury’s ridiculously priced 4-ply toilet rolls. All said though, luxury does come in all form, sizes and prices!


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