The Wild shirt isn’t a fad and it is going to stay here

Tie-dyes and other retro-style fashions have been making waves, coming bundled with loud camp collar t-shirts. While the camp shirts are an impressive adornment to any guy’s wardrobe, their short sleeves do pose a problem for the colder months. To avoid freezing one’s elbows off, one might need to consider throwing on something a bit more substantial. Or does one? Yahoo contends that the camp collar shirt is likely to hang around well after the summer, thanks to its adoption of longer sleeves to stave off the cold weather, but also because wild, as a fashion statement, is in.

Men’s wear has become quite adaptive, matching the season with the fashion. Ape to Gentleman mentions that camp collar t-shirts do have a bit of a bad connotation of middle age. However, camp collar t-shirts incorporating the wild designs and retro look combine two older fashions to create something hipper and more casual them both of them ever managed to be in their heyday. Longer sleeves mean that the camp collar shirt doesn’t have to remain a summer-go-to anymore but can be used through fall into the cusp of winter.

Adding a Splash of Wild
Camp collar shits aren’t the only fashion statement getting the wild treatment. Vogue notes that tie-dye has made it back into the mainstream. The fact isn’t surprising as the fashion has hung around the edges of the mainstream for quite a long time. Wild designs incorporating the patterns have found their way back into men’s wardrobes, even going so far as to take over long-sleeved t-shirts, turning it into something that might make waves for the fall and winter seasons.

Expressing Personality Through Print
The summer season introduced a chance for men to take chances with their fashion, and some men capitalized on it. The Wild Shirt isn’t just about design, but also about splashing a bit of surprise and retro in the design as well. Wild suggests adventurousness and playfulness, but with a rugged manliness, that one comes to expect from menswear. Wild t-shirts are likely to be seen later down as well since they designers can splash them on long-sleeved tees as well as short-sleeved ones. The result is both striking and alluring.

Combining striking colors with silhouettes that tease and entice the eyes, wild t-shirts can be an impressive addition to a man’s wardrobe. Additionally, designers like Sander Lak have started experimenting with throwing those replica designs on a glossy background, creating a sort of psychedelic 3D illusion that shimmers and wafts as the wearer moves about. A delight for the eyes as well as for the wearer, the design is unique as it is striking in its deployment.

Dries Van Noten has gone the opposite route. Instead of looking into futuristic inspiration, he drew the basis for his new designs from the past. The psychedelic tops wouldn’t be strange in a den during the height of the Summer of Love, nor would the lavish tie-dyes that adorn the rest of his pieces. These designs show that the world’s fashion isn’t yet ready to give up the feeling of freedom and escapism tied to these sorts of plans.

Freeing Your Mind
What sets wild designs apart are their ability to attract attention. These designs have survived decades and are likely to keep on going because of their evergreen appeal. While no one is sure how fashion will change over the next few years, the Wild look will inevitably be around for some time more. Adaptable to both present and futuristic visions while still having a foot firmly embedded in the past, wild designs offer a way for designers to experiment while still paying homage to the places and designs they initially came from.

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