The world’s most expensive nail polish worth $250,000 is unveiled

We were not done drooling at the 18-carat gold nail polish by O.P.I and there is yet another brand mocking us! The most expensive nail polish in the world has been unveiled, speckled with 267-carats of black diamonds. This latest entrant grabs the title of ‘world’s most expensive nail polish’ from Gold Rush. The tiny bottle of varnish created by Los Angeles-based luxury jeweler Azature has been obscenely priced at $250,000. Only one bottle of nail polish will be produced, and it has been targeted at the ‘one-percenters.’

The designers of the brand have been kind enough to produce a budget 0.5oz version for the rest of the ‘99 percenters’, priced at a reasonable $25 per diamond-shaped bottle. I wouldn’t buy the $250,000 pop nail polish even if I had money enough to throw away!

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