The $55,700 Akillis belt vies to become the world’s most expensive belt

In 2009, Gucci took pride in debuting to the fashion world, the world’s most expensive belt. And is the way in the fashion world, it was a given that someone would eventually challenge this feat. Giving stiff competition to the Gucci belt and vying to become the world’s most expensive belt is this exquisite belt from luxury French jewelry designer Akillis. With an asking price of Euro 40,000 ($55,700), this belt is definitely one of the priciest fashion offerings for this holiday season! Unlike the Gucci belt, which has a logo-shaped buckle encrusted in diamonds, the Akillis belt goes for the kill (literally) with a buckle featuring empty Kalashnikov rifle bullets encrusted with diamonds.

For this extravagant creation, Caroline Gaspard, CEO of Akillis, took inspiration from heroic epics, spy, and gangster films. If you can get your eyes off the stunning belt buckle and spare a glance for the belt, you will realize it is made with exquisite alligator skin.
If you are wondering about the market for such pricey fashion accessories, let us tell you that three of these belts have already been sold.
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