The Ball Out – Yellow color is in motion

Reebok named after an African gazelle (antelope) was founded for one of the best reasons possible: athletes wanted to run faster. Creating innovative products that generate excitement in the marketplace has been a central corporate strategy. Recently Alife and Reebok have teamed to redefine the tennis shoe by hybridizing it with a tennis ball! ‘THE BALL OUT’ is an ALIFE/Reebok Court Victory Pump, fabricated by hand entirely out of tennis ball felt. 84 of this original ALIFE design, ‘THE BALL OUT’ appear to be actually coated in tennis ball. ‘The Ball Out’ is 1st of the three products to be born out of a collaborative relationship of Alife and Reebok.

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Alife’s much hyped Reebok; a literal tennis shoe is now available exclusively through Alife’s stores.
No information on price.