The Brabham Vice Box from Ralph Lauren packs in luxury for coming holidays

The perfect season to spoil yourself silly is right here! With Christmas falling on a Friday this year, rest assured your weekend with be longer, more festive and you can use with a few more drinks and attend a few more parties! And Ralph Lauren knows just how to make your leisure outings a bit more stylish! Apart from a tartan plaid duffel bag which is made out of rich wool with saddle leather trim up for grabs at $1,500 a piece, and a a new watch collection featuring the limited edition platinum-made Stirrup model, it’s the Brabham Vice Box that’s the real show stealer!

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This beautiful box hand-made in onyx colored leather, steel and lacquered wood is a sleek storage box which can be opened complete to reveal its essential contents, a stunning crystal barware, sleek coaters and a suave poker set. Priced at $4,995, each of these 50 limited edition box bears a unique number plate, making it even more special and exclusive.

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