The Chanel Lego clutch brings innocence to the runway

Karl Lagerfeld, head designer for Chanel, has outdone himself with the bags in the brand’s latest Les Secrets Du Sac collection set to go live on the 10th of November. Chanel has always been known for its crazy inspirations, as seen in their hula hoop bag. Lego is one of the most popular toys amongst children; it is synonymous with innocence and youth. So for their latest endeavor, Chanel has created a Lego clutch. The clutch comes in several Crayola-inspired shades of green, yellow, and pink; the green added a fantastic pop of color as it walked down the runway paired with a plum outfit. The piece, which is a combination of toy and art, will only be on sale early next year and has not been priced as yet. This crazy clutch allows you to bring a little bit of your inner child to the most sophisticated outfits.

[Nymag and Trendhunter]

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