The Diamond Life offers Swarovski studded sleeves for your drink

Anything with the word diamond attached to it stirs our emotions and aggravates our greed for more sparkle in life! The latest line of uber-chic koozies and Java jackets from The Diamond Life is encrusted with just what you wanted – glittering Swarovskis! A new must have for those who have it all or at least wants to feel like she has it all. Why should some thing like this also not be glamorized? Already Hollywood starlets have been spotted rocking these sleeves on their lattes and water bottles, including trend-setting heiress, Paris Hilton. The brainchild of Helen Don Sing, these jazzed up sleeves not only bling up your drink but also keeps it cold until the last sip. Moreover it’s reusable, washable, and very stylish.

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This neoprene collapsible koozie and jackets fits on cans, bottles, and water bottles and folds flat to fit in your purse or pocket. It’s a great gift item for the holidays or any special occasion and comes in its own jewelry box. Prices range from $25 – $65.