The Fan minaudière clutch to fan in some luxury

Some people love to experiment with clutches of different shapes and sizes. From the Alexander McQueen Thriller Faithful Glove Clutch, Iridescent Nappa Beetle Clutch, the sea shell made Maricel Soriano Lion Clutch to the Balenciaga Crocodile Skin Clutch, women seem to love what is not common. And if you think that too different is too weird, and you need something more classy, check out the Fan minaudière clutch that spots a with top snap closure.

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What makes is even more desirable is a 19inch long chain and accent tassel. The gold and jet crystals have been set in a floral motif, with the beads set by hand. The 7inch wide, 5inch tall and 1.5inch deep clutch priced at $4,495 will be sent to you in a protective signature bag.

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