The handbag designed by Leonardo da Vinci 500 years ago is up for grabs

The men who sulk at women and their bag fascination can bite their tongue and iron their brows because this passion was not discovered off late. Italian luxury brand Gherardini has released a limited edition handbag which was inspired by a design created by Leonardo da Vinci. The design resembles that of painter’s drawing made around 1497. The fashion house utilized this design as a tribute to Florence. The bag, termed Pretiosa which means precious was designed by Carla Braccialini using embroidered calf leather and an embossed brass handle. The bag was displayed at the Accademia delle Arti del Disegno for three days.

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Only 99 of these unique handbags are made and will be sold in Gherardini boutiques from March. The brand is also closely connected with the artist in a more personal manner. Leonardo da Vinci gained his legendary name worldwide for painting Lisa Gherardini in 1503. The world knows her as the smiling, or maybe not, Mona Lisa. The Gherardini family founded the fashion house over a century later.
[HistoryBlog via Neatorama]

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