The most expensive manicure in the world: A $32,000 nine carat gemstone treatment for your nails

How much do you think a manicure would cost? If you want to employ the best in the world, Master manicurist Leighton Denny, you not only need to be famous but also super rich! Way back in 2005, his waiting list had 175 people on hold, a list which even kept some Arabian princesses waiting. So what is so special about this manicurist who has an original nail boutique at the Urban Retreat Day Spa & Salon at Harrods, London? He has on offer his Diamond, Sapphire and Ruby Encapsulization manicure, which goes beyond the standard process of clean and polish; the encapsulization treatment features nine carats of precious gem inlays. The full treatment costs a jaw-dropping $32,000

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