The Ta’if Gold Dust adds shimmer to your million-dollar face with 24 carat gold

I love the fragrance of fresh pink roses. It not only smells divine but also keeps you happy all day long. To add some opulence to the pristine flavors of roses, Ormonde Jayne has come out with a dusting powder called the Ta’if Gold Dust, which is crafted with 24-carat gold and scented with the rare and exotic Ta’if Rose. Harvested in just a month of April, it takes ten thousand Ta’if rose petals, hand-picked thousands of feet above the shores of the Red Sea to make 10mk of Ta’if Rose Oil. Delivered in a hand-crafted black lacquered gold box, 15 ml of the gold dusting powder costs $525 and features a hand-sewn French satin puff with a champagne-colored marabou feather trim.

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