There is now a Hello Kitty themed limited edition Barbie doll

If you’ve grown up in a space where Barbie dolls were unsaid sisters and Hello Kitty was the cutest cat on the block, you can certainly imagine the joy of what’s coming up next. Apart from being our furry pop icon 43rd birthday, today also marks the release of the very first Hello Kitty themed Barbie! Yup, that’s right! This may just be the best day on earth for doll lovers!

Quite recently, Mattel and Sanrio joined hands to create a Barbie that can rock the day in a perfect Hello Kitty ensemble. The collaboration is effortlessly timed to coincide with the beloved kit’s birthday, with several other surprises to go along. As for the main highlight, the purrfect Barbie comes with a bow-buttoned red sweater that displays a sewn Hello Kitty face and a pink skirt with embroidered bows, a sitting Hello Kitty and her trademark apples. She further dons the quintessential lacy socks and red platform sandals, along with a matching Hello Kitty purse.

For an extra dose of kittyness, the ensemble comes with a tiny Hello Kitty figurine and a gorgeous collector’s box. The special Hello Kitty Barbie can be pre-ordered on Mattel’s official website as of today. In the alternative, you can buy it off shelves in few weeks, either in stores or online. Believe us, it cannot get any better than this!


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