These $1,350 Game boy themed Air Jordan sneakers scream retro.

Last year, Johnny Barry’s Freaker Sneaks gave us the extremely limited retro-looking Nintendo-themed Jordans. And to surprise us yet again the uber-cool brand is back with a new edition of the shoes, that bare the Game-Boy look this time around. Yep, that’s right. Limited to just 10 pairs, the shoes are a steal, and quite literally so for your bank balance.

The quirky sneaks showcase a plastic Game Boy cartridge as the hang tag and are decorated with funky design elements such as the two face buttons and the system’s d-pads on the heels, both of which are press-able for effect. The shoes further feature Super Mario Land’s box art and a classic Game Boy green-yellow LCD screen showing off the game on the front of the tongue, making them a gem of art, if they weren’t already so! For a last bit of spunk, the shoes also come with a little Nintendo Game Boy branding on the side with the words “Start” and “Select” inscribed on the laces.

Unlike most game-inspired footwear, the Game-Boy themed Air Jordans look easily wearable with a ‘for all’ kind of appeal. Its colorway of warm, off-white and grey along with hints of yellow and green plays rather well and we’d not be surprised for Nike to make the pair one of its regulars. Either ways, for a gigantic price tag of $1,350 these still remain unaffordable for most of us! Wealthy Game-Boy fans though -go steal your treasure!


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