These $6,500 Air Jordans are covered with thousands of dazzling Swarovski crystals

Nike has been known to create some over the top sneakers, but trust us, you’ve never seen a pair quite like this before. These Air Jordan 1s from the world famous sportswear company have been given the bedazzling of a lifetime by artist Daniel Jacob. The sculptor had previously created several iterations of dazzling sneakers, but in response to the demands of his followers this pair is the first of his creations that is an actual wearable pair of shoes.

“My work for a long time was sculpture, and my large Air Jordan sculpture was mistaken by many as wearable, and I received hundreds of requests in the last year. So much demand,” Jacob told Footwear News. “But I finally decided to do a mini-launch in my favorite color of my favorite Jordans, the Pinnacle.”

They are -of course-made to order, but would be predictably difficult to produce given that their 15,000 Swarovski crystals are set by hand take 3 weeks to complete. Dan’s Air Jordan 1 Pinnacle “Golds” will set you back by a cool $6,500.

Bedazzled sneakers seem to be all the rage these days. You may recall that tennis superstar Serena Williams wore a pair of Nike Cortez’s which had been hand embellished with Swarovski crystals by Michelle from Meraki Mishell.


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