These Minnie Mouse heel stilettos are just gorgeous

If subtle Disney connotations in fashion excite you, here’s a piece of information you just cannot ignore. While cartoon characters continue to inspire contemporary designers with their creations, only a few succeeded at featuring their Disney – inspired pieces in a subtlety balanced yet clearly referable form. One such designer who has managed to inculcate the Disney saga in his collections with beautiful refinement is Oscar Tiye who recently unveiled a pair of very chic- Minnie Mouse inspired heels.

The elegant and highly adorable heels have taken the internet by storm with double-taps and pins on its pictures now being a trend. If you too, have been tagged on snapshots of these superbly gorgeous heels and have been wondering about them ever since, read on to know more! Tiye’s exclusive Minnie Mousse footwear can be purchased on Net-A-Porte in two forms- Stiletto and Block heel. Out of both styles though, it’s the Stilettos that are garnering the most attention and we can clearly see why. The sleek sandals may look like your average heels initially, but flip them backward and you will see the signature Minnie Mouse ears popping right out!

Buyers also get to choose from a range of fabric options including satin, glitter, and denim, alongside a stunning range of colors such a classic black, blue, red and Princess Pink. Ranging from $450 to $700, the pretty heels are sure to make you want to spend every penny on them! But seriously, you would want to miss owning these gorgeous shoes?


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