This $15,000 chair is made from a single sheet of carbon fiber

The usual is hardly intriguing, and believing in this ethos is Hong Kong-based Alvarae Design Studio. With an aim to inspire perspectives, the brand has designed a wonderfully weird chair made from carbon fiber.

The uncommon furniture unit weighs 5kg while being capable to support as much as up to 200kg. It is made using a large sheet of carbon fiber that is creased in a way to create a hollow internal structure for a person to sit on. It also includes armrests and base created using the same fiber.

Dubbed as the ‘Phantom Chair,’ the furniture piece comes in all-black. Its unique shape and choice of material make it an interesting addition to your décor, to say the least. The chair is ideal for those who’d like to add a dark element to your living room or bedroom or are much in awe with the genre of horror, in general.

If you love the heebie-jeebies or would like to give them to someone, buy yourself the Phantom Chair by Alvarae Design Studio. It is priced at $15,000 and is currently available on the brand’s official website.


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