This $900 ROKA Maverick X wetsuit is a buoyant superhero costume

Avid swimmers often wish they were more buoyant so that they could focus some of their energies on speed and direction rather than keeping themselves afloat. ROKA has acknowledged this growing need and has released a $900 Maverick X wetsuit that is more or less a super hero costume. The patent-pending design of the wetsuit is something that sets it apart from other swimwear, simply because the design maxes out the potential performance technology one can harness from a wetsuit.

Maverick X wetsuit (5)
The design has several features that make it an absolutely comfortable and delightful performance wear while swimming. For starts, the suit’s arms are so designed that they encourage the action of raising one’s hands over their heads. This gives swimmers more flexibility and takes some unnecessary pressure off their shoulders. In competitive swimming, athletes have proved time and again that the better the wetsuit, the quicker the lap time.
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With increased arm motions and the special material used, swimmers can be assured that their performance and energy expenditure during competitive swimming races can fetch some rather impressive results. We wonder if this will be making it to Rio.
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[ Available at : Rokasports ]

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